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Play Like Winners Volleyball
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"It's so refreshing to be a part of a Club who's PRIMARY focus is on your child succeeding and advancing in Life, not just sports. The leader of this organization, Coach Penny help the girls to navigate through so many obstacles they are sure to come up against as female athletes.  My daughter has learned so much with this organization thru Coach Penny, LaToya and Coach Elle. Go PLW!!"

- Danielle Golston


"Our daughter has blossomed tremendously in confidence and skill after training with Play Like Winners. The coaches are knowledgeable, qualified, professional and truly care about the well-being of our child on and off the court.  Her understanding and enjoyment of the game has not only taught her to play like a winner, but has given her valuable life lessons.  We're truly thankful and blessed to be a part if this club!"

- Margo Thomas


"My daughter has received the BEST COACHING and TRAINING ever!!! My family loves PLW, it has been the best experience for all of us. Penny Lucas White and her coaching staff are amazing. If you want your child to be the best, then be trained by the best!!!!!"

- Jodi Thomas


"What a program! Play Like Winners gives the young athlete the proper training, skills, and experience needed to help them compete and perform well on the court. I highly recommend this program to any parent with a child that is interested in playing volleyball. You won't go wrong with the Penny Lucas-White and the Play Like Winners organization."

- S. Cunningham 


"PLW has provided our daughter with a deeper understanding of the game of "volleyball". With consistent training from Penny Lucas-White and her coaching staff, our daughters level of play has improved beyond her expectations, which has given her a new found level of confidence on and off the court. PLW not only teaches the girls to "Play Like Winners" on the court, they are preparing them to "Think Like Leaders" of tomorrow. "

- Belinda Adams